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General Asphalt Inc

Driving no longer needs to be a bumpy rollercoaster ride.

Don’t continue to be thrown around in your car while driving down that bumpy dirt road or even the asphalt road that has cracked and crumbled.  Solve your pavement problems by calling General Asphalt Inc.

Your asphalt prayers are answered
Do you park in a grass lot? Are the roads in your neighborhood decaying and run down? Your situation may not be this dire, or even if they are, your needs can be taken of easily.

Have your roads sealed, repaired, and maintained for smooth sailing and to last a long time before needing repairs again. If you are in need of a new parking lot or a new road constructed from scratch, those needs are answered too.

Pavement Solutions:

  • Paving – Driveways, parking lots, speed bumps, asphalt paving, approach, private roads, railroad crossing and municipalities.
  • Asphalt Repairs And Maintenance – Grading, sealing, striping, pavement maintenance, seal coating, asphalt crack sealing

Don’t stress over trying to get off work or change your schedule around just so you can get your pavement needs taken care of.  General Asphalt Inc offers weekends or evening appointments and we are flexible to work around your schedule.

Get a FREE estimate for your hot asphalt paving services by calling General Asphalt Inc at 920-887-1436 and 1-800-369-1436.

General Asphalt Inc - Asphalt Paving Contractor - Beaver Dam, WI
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